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2024 Farm Share

Welcome to Old Tavern Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture Program! Our mission at Old Tavern is to be a sustainable farm growing fresh, delicious and healthy food for our community. Founded in 2016, we began growing produce on one acre using sustainable, organic practices and we continue that growing philosophy today. We have continued to expand our growing operations and currently cultivate about 35-40 acres for vegetables and fruit. Our Red Wattle hogs roam several paddocks on 70 woodland pastured acres, our egg laying hens roam most everywhere and we are still dabbling in the cattle business with aspirations of expanding our herd to have a more consistent supply of beef. Each year we strive to learn more and become better farmers and stewards of the land.

About Our CSA

This seventh year of our CSA Farm Share program allows you, our valued customer to make a commitment to our farm that allows us to thrive by providing much needed capital early in our season. In return for your patronage, we commit to providing you and your family with the freshest, healthiest foods, and hopefully, a little farm knowledge as well. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters that provides a direct link between the production and consumption of food. Supporters provide an integral part of a farm's yearly operating budget by purchasing a share of the season's harvest before it is grown. Each CSA share member, has made a commitment to help support our farm and mission, while also sharing in some of the risks we face every growing season and sharing in the bounty we hope to achieve with every crop. Members’ payments help cover costs for seeds, water, equipment maintenance, labor, etc. In return, the farm provides, to the best of its ability, a healthy supply of fresh seasonal produce throughout the growing season. At Old Tavern, our goal is to deliver an additional 15-20% value over what you paid each week. Our unique CSA Farm Share provides fresh and highly nutritious food to our surrounding community. The general public purchases a share and comes to either the farm or the Richmond drop-off point throughout the season to pick-up their share of produce and fruit. We have five share options available:

1. Gourmet Share (full season weekly, 24 shares):Customers pay a deposit of $300 with their application, and a balance payment of $300, due May 1, 2024. The total for full-share CSA is $600.

2. Weekly Peak Share (peak season, 10 shares):

Customers pay a deposit of $250 with their application, and the balance of $125, due June 1, 2024. Total cost for this share is $375.

3. Bi-Weekly Share (full season bi-weekly, 12 shares):

Customers pay a deposit of $250 with their application, and the balance of $125, due May 1, 2024. Total cost for this share is $375.00


4. Fall Share (weekly, 8 shares):

This share can be added to any other share option. It’s designed to be a short season extension for those who just can’t get enough good foods; broccoli, Brussels sprouts, winter squash, beets, sweet potatoes, greens, cabbages, lettuces & more. The total cost of this share is $175.00. Add this amount to your other share payment or sign-up in the fall.

5. Gourmet, plus Fall (weekly, 32 shares):

Do you know that you want 32 weeks of veggies & fruits? Then go ahead a sign up for the full growing season now and save a little money. Customers pay a deposit of $400 with their application, and the balance of $360, due May 1, 2024. Total cost for this share is $760.00

Farm Share Specifics

Share Start Dates

Gourmet and Bi-Weekly* share kick-off (1st share distribution)

May 4, (farm pick-up)
May 7, (RVA pick-up location)

*we will have two, bi-weekly groups. Group “A” begins on the above dates, group “B” begins May 11 (farm), and May 14 (RVA). As our Farm Share has grown, this has become a necessity to help us better manage our harvest schedule.


Weekly Peak Share kick-off (1st share distribution)

June 22, (farm pick-up)
June 25, (RVA pick-up location)


Fall Share kick-off (1st share distribution)

October 26, (farm pick-up)
October 29, (RVA pick-up)


*RVA pick-up location:Our RVA pick-up location is the Bird House Farmer’s market. During the in-person market season, pick-up is available from 3:00 - 6:30 pm. When the market switches to on-line, pick up is available from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Our composting program is available to RVA pick-up members, but only during the “in-person” market schedule.

Share End Dates

Gourmet Share: farm pick-up: October 12. RVA pick-up: October 15

Weekly Peak share: farm pick-up: August 24. RVA pick-up: August 27

Bi- weekly share: Group A - farm pick-up: October 12. RVA pick-up: October 15

                               Group B - farm pick-up: October 19. RVA pick-up: October 22


Fall share: farm pick-up: December 14. RVA pick-up: December 17

Gourmet plus Fall share: Farm pick-up: December 14. RVA pick-up: December 17

Payment due dates*

Gourmet Share initial payment: with application, $300.00

Gourmet Share final payment: May 1, 2024, $300.00

Bi-Weekly Share initial payment: with application, $250.00

Bi-weekly share final payment: May 1, 2024, $125.00

Peak share initial payment: with application, $250.00

Peak share final payment: June 1, 2024, $125.00


Fall share payment
Due, in full, no later than October 21, 2024

Gourmet plus Fall initial payment: with application, $400.00

Gourmet plus Fall final payment: May 1, 2024, $360.00


*Payment flexibility - we understand many of our members have differing financial situations and we are able and willing to offer limited payment plans, as needed. Please ask us if you need any accommodation.

Understanding What is in Your Share

Being a part of Old Tavern Farm’s CSA Farm Share is a wonderful way to bring seasonal produce into your home, have an excuse to visit the farm each week, and support our mission. We hope you enjoy and value all aspects of your share membership, including special events and the compost program described below.


Value: The sum you pay at the beginning of each season breaks down to between $21.88 to $37.50/week, depending upon your share plan. We aim to deliver an additional 15-20% of added value each week. On top of that, excess produce is often made available to members. Members may also swap out one item in their share for another item of similar value, if they choose to do so. Our prices are on-par with other farm fresh, naturally grown vegetable retailers in the area. We work hard to serve all of our customers in all five share categories as well as possible, and are proud that we have consistently been able to grow an abundance of food and have very minimal food waste on our farm.

Vegetables: Your share is made up of vegetables & fruit, and varies based on seasonality, each week. For those of you who aren’t so crazy about greens and root crops, but can’t live without summer squash and tomatoes (or vice-versa), we have structured our membership options to allow you to choose your produce with some seasonality (Weekly Peak). Though not inclusive of everything we grow, what follows is a list of crops typically available by season:

• Spring: Baby leaf lettuce, head lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, collards, mustard greens, kohlrabi, beets, turnips, radishes, spring onions, garlic scapes, carrots, broccolini, sugar snaps, green garlic, broccoli, peas, arugula, Asian greens (choi, etc.), cabbage, herbs & strawberries

• Summer: tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, onions, potatoes, sweet potato greens, garlic, beets, Swiss chard, beans, eggplant, lettuce & baby leaf/micro greens, cantaloupe, sweet corn, herbs, peaches, nectarines & pears

• Fall: arugula, braising greens mix, lettuce, kale, collards, sweet peppers, Swiss chard, beets, turnips, radishes, garlic, kohlrabi, winter squash, sweet potatoes, Asian greens, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, cauliflower, mushrooms, herbs & apples

Fruit: fruit has been a welcome addition in your share. We grow strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, and other crops such as peaches, apples, pears, and are purchased from local farms and orchards and are of the highest quality.

Mushrooms: We grow cremini, shiitake, and several varieties of oyster mushrooms. We also wild forage and will include mushrooms in your shares, as available.

Understanding What is in Your Share

Examples of previous shares boxes & retail value

  • Spring - lettuce, green onions, chard, radishes, kale, garlic, strawberries, snow peas, rosemary ($32.50)

    Early summer - broccoli, cabbage, yellow squash, zucchini, braising mix, collards, kohlrabi, mushrooms, blackberries, green beans, mint ($39.00)

  • Summer - tomatoes!, Napa cabbage, mushrooms, peaches, turnip root, carrots, cantaloupe, potatoes, beets, bell peppers, thyme ($42.80)

  • Fall - butternut squash, eggplant, peppers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, sweet yellow onion, garlic, collards, cauliflower, apples, oregano ($39.00)

    Tidewater Virginia, zone 7b, has a long growing season, moderate climate, distinct seasons, and is a great place to farm. Growing crops, however, is very weather-dependent, and many pest factors determine the success or failure of crops. Being a biodiverse vegetable and berry farm helps ensure that we have more successes than failures. Purchasing a farm share not only provides you with fresh, seasonal food, but also connects you to the land and helps you understand the risk all food ways share. Every year we have high hopes for all our crops, but every year, we will have some that don’t perform to our expectations. We’ll try again next year. Farmers are eternal optimists!

How To Pick Up Your Share

  1. Please drive slowly when entering the farm. The parking lot can get pretty busy, so we appreciate your caution.

  2. Come on into the Farm Store (don’t forget your re-usable bags!)

  3. Let the market attendant know of your arrival and they’ll get your box.

  4. We provide your share pre-packed in a box and/or bag. You may transfer the contents to

    your own re-usable bag or take our box and/or bag. The boxes we use are not recyclable,

    but are re-usable. Please return your box with your next pick-up.

  5. Check the white board for this week’s share contents, shop the store for any add-on items,

    and then let our farm team crew member assist you with your share and any additional


  6. Ask us questions! We are always available to answer any questions about the vegetables,

    fields, animals, or anything else going on at the farm.

  7. Bring your share home and enjoy!

  8. Farm pick-up only: farm pick-up is Saturday from 9am - 3:00 pm, however, your share will be stored in walk-in #2 cooler until Monday morning, thus allowing you the flexibility to pick-up anytime Saturday or Sunday. However, after 3:00 pm Saturday, pick-up is selfservice only. Boxes are typically packed by 5:00 pm Friday, allowing you to pick up that evening, until 6:00 pm, as well.

RVA Pick-Up

  1. Pick-up is Tuesday at the Bird House Farmer’s market. Pick up hours for the majority of the season are: 3:00 -6:30 pm. These are the hours while the market operates in-person. After Thanksgiving, Bird House switches to an online only market and the pick-up hours change to: 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

  2. Your farm share will be pre-packaged, box and/or bag, for your convenience. You may take your share packed as is, or transfer the share to your re-usable bag. Please return your box the next pick-up. The boxes are not recyclable, but are re-usable.

  3. Let the delivery coordinator know when you arrive and they will get your share.

  4. We often bring extra items for you to purchase. Ask the coordinator what may be available.

  5. The coordinator can accept cash, cards, checks, and Venmo. Venmo is @oldtavernfarmva


All CSA members are encouraged to use our compost system. It's an easy process and is one of the simplest things you can do at home to reduce your environmental impact. Your food waste decomposes to create fertilizer for plants- feeding next year’s crops and cutting back on the waste headed to landfills and incinerators.

We try our best to make composting as simple as possible. Here’s the deal:

1. At your CSA pick-up, retrieve a clean compost bucket and lid (test to be sure it fits!) from

the packing shed area. Buckets beside the shed wall are clean. If you can’t find one just ask. The RVA delivery coordinator will also have compost buckets. Please note, when the Bird House changes to online only, we are unable to continue compost services. Please bring your compost to the farm.

2. Take it home and leave it in your garage, patio or backyard.

3. Toss your compostable materials in the bin. See below for the YES and NO list of what to compost.

4. Bring your full compost bucket with you the following week, set it behind the farm store shed and retrieve a clean bucket and lid.

That’s it! We take care of the rest!

YES: raw and cooked vegetable & fruit scraps, nuts, grains, leaves, grass cuttings, dead flower arrangements, egg shells, coffee grounds, citrus rinds. If you have larger bagged items (grass, leaves, etc) just let us know and we will help you with those.
NO: meat, bones, plastic, fruit stickers, rubber bands, printer paper, paper towels, pet food & waste, twisty ties, cooked or raw eggs. We do not accept paper products, even if they are labeled “compostable”. The reality is, they don’t compost quickly and are not compatible with our composting system.


  1. E-mail: All important CSA information will be e-mailed to members. These e-mails will automatically go to whoever completes the registration. To add addresses to the e-mail list please e-mail If you believe you should be receiving e-mails and are not, please look in your junk (spam) mail and if it is not there, let us know. We do occasionally have problems with different e-mail providers.

  2. Facebook & Instagram: we communicate heavily via Facebook. Please like our Old Tavern Farm page. We post just about every day with a variety of farm facts, what we are up to, new additions, and all around fun stuff to keep you apprised. You can also message us via fb messenger. We also use Instagram @oldtavernfarmva

  3. Texting: need to reach us ASAP? Do not call, do not fb message, do not leave a voice mail, do not email. Send a text! You will get the fastest response. We will be responsive no matter how you choose to communicate with us, just saying, a text is the fastest.

  4. Farm Location: 8400 S Quaker Road. Quinton, Virginia 23141 Mailing Address: PO Box 722 Quinton, Virginia 23141 Ph. 804.382.3522


1. Can’t make it to pick-up your share? Here are your options:

A. Send someone else to get it for you. This is a great chance for a friend or neighbor to find out what it’s like to be part of the Old Tavern Farm community. If they tell us they’re picking up for you, we’ll check off your name and help them out. You do not need to tell us in advance that someone else is picking up your share.

B. Let us donate your share. After the pick-up is through, we donate unclaimed shares to an agency that serves people in need.


2. Need help? We always have a staff member or volunteer available to re-fill bins and answer questions. Take advantage of us! We can identify the vegetables you don’t recognize and give you ideas for how to prepare them.

3. Not interested in part of your share? We encourage you to try everything in your share, but if there is something you just won’t use, don’t be afraid to leave it behind. Anything left will be donated to someone who needs it.

4. Pet Policy: We love our and your furry friends! Well-mannered and leashed dogs are welcomed. Due to health and food safety regulation, animals are not allowed in the produce or fruit fields or the packing shed. Service animals are exempt from this policy.

5. Can I switch my pick-up day?: Unfortunately, because of the size of the CSA, we cannot accommodate the switching of days week to week. If you are interested in switching your pick-up day for the remainder of the session, let us know and we’ll see if there is room. If you cannot pick-up your share on a given week, refer above to the “Can’t make it to pick- up your share? Here are your options”. We appreciate your understanding.


6.Bags: We highly encourage you to bring your own reusable bags to pick-up your produce. If you forget, we will have a limited number of plastic or reusable grocery bags available.


John Bryant, Manager

Zack West, Manager

Quynn Smith, Assistant Manager

More about Old Tavern Farm

Our Core Values
• Creating fertile ground to nourish and support our community by connecting people to the

source of their food and providing education about our food system.
• Providing high quality, sustainably grown food for our community through our farm store,

CSA Farm Share, local farmer’s markets, local restaurants, and other local sources.
• Providing a local resource of fresh, nutritious food to underserved and at-risk individuals and

families in our community.
• Reconnecting people with the source of their food and the local community.
• Creating an environment of respect, cooperation, integrity, and innovative thinking. • Ensuring purposeful work and equal treatment for all stakeholders.
• Fostering opportunities for outreach and meaningful education of youth, adults, and employees.
• Building local food security for our community.
• Being a catalyst for community collaborations and volunteerism.
• Practicing environmental stewardship through ecologically sensitive best practices.

Get More Involved

Volunteer: Work alongside our growers in the field seeding, tending and harvesting.
We also have occasional needs for individuals who can do special computer projects remotely or have expertise in equipment or building maintenance.
Contact: John Bryant,


Work Share program:
Want to learn in a more hands-on way how your food is grown, harvested and prepared for sale? Need a little farm fitness? The Work Share program allows individuals to volunteer time, knowledge and skills helping our farm sustain itself, grow, and prosper. In exchange for your time, you earn farm store credits which may be used to purchase vegetables. It’s a great way to contribute to our success, learn about growing food and feed yourself at the same time! Work Share opportunities are available in half, three-quarter, and full day blocks of time. Contact: John Bryant,

Group/school visits:There are field trip opportunities for both youth and adults from April through October. We enjoy hosting and sharing our knowledge of growing and developing food systems. We have curriculum to meet all levels as well as hands-on activities appropriate for all ages and abilities. One area of focus is learning about sustainable agriculture compared with modern commercial agricultural practices and exploring the truth, falsehoods, and myths about the industry. Our school curriculum lesson plans are SOL-compliant. Contact: John Bryant,

Thank you all so much for your continued support; we couldn’t do any of this without you! We look forward to sharing the coming year with you.

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