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  • Can’t make it to pick-up your share?
    Send someone else to get it for you. This is a great chance for a friend or neighbor to find out what it’s like to be part of the Old Tavern Farm community. If they tell us they’re picking up for you, we’ll check off your name and help them out. You do not need to tell us in advance that someone else is picking up your share. Or you can let us donate your share. After the pick-up is through, we donate unclaimed shares to an agency that serves people in need.
  • Need help?
    We always have a staff member or volunteer available to re-fill bins and answer questions. Take advantage of us! We can identify the vegetables you don’t recognize and give you ideas for how to prepare them.
  • Not interested in part of your share?
    We encourage you to try everything in your share, but if there is something you just won’t use, don’t be afraid to leave it behind. Anything left will be donated to someone who needs it.
  • Pet Policy?
    We love our and your furry friends! Well-mannered and leashed dogs are welcomed. Due to health and food safety regulation, animals are not allowed in the produce or fruit fields or the packing shed. Service animals are exempt from this policy.
  • Can I switch my pick-up day?
    Unfortunately, because of the size of the CSA, we cannot accommodate the switching of days week to week. If you are interested in switching your pick-up day for the remainder of the session, let us know and we’ll see if there is room. If you cannot pick-up your share on a given week, refer above to the “Can’t make it to pick- up your share? Here are your options”. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Reusable Bags?
    We highly encourage you to bring your own reusable bags to pick-up your produce. If you forget, we will have a limited number of plastic or reusable grocery bags available.
  • Can I Volunteer?
    Yes! Work alongside our growers in the field seeding, tending and harvesting. We also have occasional needs for individuals who can do special computer projects remotely or have expertise in equipment or building maintenance. Contact: John Bryant,
  • Do you have a Work Share program?
    Yes! Come learn in a hands-on way how your food is grown, harvested and prepared for sale. Need a little farm fitness? The Work Share program allows individuals to volunteer time, knowledge and skills helping our farm sustain itself, grow, and prosper. In exchange for your time, you earn farm store credits which may be used to purchase vegetables. It’s a great way to contribute to our success, learn about growing food and feed yourself at the same time! Work Share opportunities are available in half, three-quarter, and full day blocks of time. Contact: John Bryant,
  • Group/school visits?
    There are field trip opportunities for both youth and adults from April through October. We enjoy hosting and sharing our knowledge of growing and developing food systems. We have curriculum to meet all levels as well as hands-on activities appropriate for all ages and abilities. One area of focus is learning about sustainable agriculture compared with modern commercial agricultural practices and exploring the truth, falsehoods, and myths about the industry. Our school curriculum lesson plans are SOL-compliant. Contact: John Bryant,
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